Couldn’t agree more establishing direction helps both parties and the outcome

The Pinstriped Suit

I recently ran into a situation where I was dealing with a client who disagreed with my approach to a project. We discussed the challenges over a few days and it eventually culminated in a very heated argument on a friday afternoon. After the conversation, the client backed off stating that my demeanor was too direct and confrontational and had decided to work with another strategist.

So this brought forth a question in my mind:

“Which is truly more important, the relationship or the tangible results?”

I’ve spent a long time working for clients who seek metrics, KPI’s, ROI and tangible solutions to business problems. Working on a diverse amount of projects has allowed me the opportunity to develop strong recommendations with a strong emphasis on tangible results. Although I’ve always been heavily focused on customer service, I’ve had this mentality that the results should speak for themselves regardless of…

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